We will be happy to answer you all of your questions

We work for humanity and for the better life of all the special childeren

HASE aims to serve as a model institution for children using modern techniques and oral methods of instruction.

You can trust us fully and send your donations for the needy and deserving children.

Special and normal children are being taught simultaneously in the same premises.

We expect some donations from your side so that we can continue our mission of helping these kids.

It is sure that one who work for the social welfare of mankind is definitely rewarded by Al Mighty Allah.

We will be happy with your visit and calls

We are always working and thinking how to work in the best way. So, if you have any question or suggestion for this then do write to us freely. We will reply you soon and will answer your all queries.

Address: 1233, Street No 127, Sector 1 Gulshan Abad, Rawalpindi.
Contact us: 03310294333, 0333 5431962
Write us: info@hassanacademy.edu.pk