Small Hands Big Spirits

Your Creativity Will Make You Successful
Intelligence helps you think inside of the box. Creativity helps you think outside of the box.

PYS Small Hands Bid Spirits Project

Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity. Creative ideas can be drawn on the paper with the beautiful colors.

We know that the youth of Pakistan is very talented and creative. So, for this we, the team of PYS, decide to arrange drawing competitions among the children so that the creative ideas inside them can be emerged. As per this project we arrange drawing competitions in different schools and generate funds from these competitions. After that these funds are utilized in different social and welfare work like to help the effected people in the natural hazards like floods etc.

Small hands big spirits

Ideas are the base of all the inventions

With the creative ideas one can invent or introduce any thing which seems to be impossible before. Use your this quality to discover new things.

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What we get from this?

Kindness is priceless. It comes for free. And goes for free. It is invaluable. It can’t be weighed. It is an unmatched virtue and a basic moral duty of every man. We are human beings because we have reason.

With this project we gather funds and help the effected people of different natural disasters. It is a way that bring us two objectives. first the healthy competitions among the talented and creative students of our schools and secondly help of the effected people in floods and other disturbances